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About Us

VETIC is a proud manufacturer of Saudi  Arabia for Load Centers, Circuit Breakers  and Low Voltage Components. Our products are in line with our quality policy and in accordance with the applicable electrical standards and regulations". 

State-of-the-art design, user-friendly features form the hallmarks of our Product range. Also recognized for its functional design, aesthetics and compactness, the range belong to a new generation of products.

Designed and developed for extreme conditions, it promises reliable performance at high ambient and humid environment.

Our Products


LV Distribution Panels 

VETIC distribution boards are available in variety of sizes and ampere ratings. Our boards provide flexibility of using different Ampere Ratings and are made in line with customer's requirements.


Circuit Breakers 

The only company in Saudi Arabia to manufacture Circuit Breakers ranging from 800A to 6A. The product is explicitly designed to fulfill the needs of end-user.


After Sales Services 

Get the best free after sale services when you purchase VETIC load center 

• Inspection & Testing after Installation
• On-Site Replacement Warranty (No Invoice Copy required)
• Verification & Redistribution of Loads
• Free Replacement of Branch Breaker (MCB)