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The MAKEEN family of circuit breakers has been developed as a line of aesthetically and technically coordinated protection devices for low voltage distribution and control applications. The circuit breakers are available in five sizes, each of which is tailored to the individual requirements associated with its application. The line offers a current range running from 15A to 1600A in single, 3 and 4 pole ratings.


 XB Series up to 63A

XB series are mechanical switching devices able to switch on, conduct and switch off the current under standard conditions and able to switch on, conduct and switch off the current under abnormal circuit conditions such as short-circuit.they Used to protect house and similar installations against over-currents


Up to 48 Ways

Voltech Load Centers are designed to be used in residential, commercial and industrial premises. It confirms to IEC 61439-1&2 with Busbar Rating of 100A to 250A and available in 12,18,24,30,36,42,48 Ways​. These are suitable for flush and surface mounting with ingress protection of (IP) 40​

  • Electrogalvanized Sheet Steel Thickness of 1 & 2 mm

  • Surface finish of RAL 9001 and RAL 9003 powder coated​

  • Suitable Neutral & Earth Terminals

  • Rated Insulation Voltage V(Ui) of 690VAC

  • Suitable for 50 degree Celsius

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From 30A to 400A

Voltech Enclosed Circuit breaker is designed to be safe and reliable switching device for use in residential, commercial and industrial premises. It protects a circuit under over load and short circuit conditions.

  • Made of high quality electro-galvanized sheet steel

  • Powder coated RAL 9001 and 9003

  • Padlocking facility

  • Suitable neutral and earth terminals

  • Spacious enclosure, ease of wiring

  • Rated voltage 600VAC


VM5000 is high accuracy digital multi-function meter  The device is applied to variety of applications. Electrical facilities, Intelligent building systems, factory, generator etc. Making measurement of 

  • Voltage (L-L / L/N)

  • Current (I1 / I2 / I3)

  • Frequency

  • Power Factor (Total & Individual)

  • Active / Reactive and Apparent Power (Total & Individual)

  • Active / Reactive and Apparent Energy (Total & Individual)

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