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Busbar Chamber

A Busbar Chamber is an electrical distribution board used to connect four load centers to one power source.

The Busbar Chamber contains tinned copper bars with cable clamps that allow the customer to connect four cables to each phase in addition to the grounding and the neutral line. The Busbar Chamber also contains an electrical circuit breaker type MCCB with high durability and is equipped with thermal and magnetic trip units which is connected to the main feeder cable.
The most prominent highlights of VETIC
Busbar Chamber:
Available in sizes from 10 amps to 400 amps.
- The ability to withstand electrical contact from 25 to 42 thousand amperes.
- Galvanized box coated with thurmal powder coated paint to resist rust.
- Suitable for outdoor installation, dust and rain proof (IP65).
- Sturdy steel box, 1.5 mm thick.

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